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Professional Use Only | SE303

icon_pro_use 76 Pro Line

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FanSlices fires ALL shots simultaneously. A great effect for punctuating specific points in your show. Comes equipped with t-lock port for instantaneous ignition when using e-match or Firewire Initiators.

Use FS143 Firewire Initiator for a tool / tape free product prep.


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Spirit of 76

7s FanSlice Assortment (40mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE300   1/4   tlock

50+ in stock

7s FanSlice Crackling Comet w/ Crackling Mine (40mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE301   4/1   tlock

50+ in stock

7s FanSlice B, G, P, Y Mines w/ Twilight Glitter Comet (40mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE302   4/1   tlock

rateraterateraterate (1)

50+ in stock

7ft Firewire Initiator w/ Twist Lock Shroud (Box of 40) Video
FS143   40/1  

rateraterateraterate (6)

26 in stock

7s FanSlice Gold Wave Comet w/ Gold Wave Mine (40mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE305   4/1   tlock

46 in stock

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