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Artillery Shells | RL336


5 out of 5 stars






Deafening 5-inch canister shells with neon colors. 24 loads with gorgeous mines.

With Mines
1.Red green and blue dahlias, with green palm and timerain mine

2.White lace spitting green palm tail, with gold willow to red/green strobe mine

3.Red green blue wave with white strobe, with silver crackling wave and green strobe mine

4.Blue peony, with silver glittering willow and red strobe mine

5.White strobe spitting red palm tail, with crackling and flying bee mine

6.Gold willow with white strobes, with gold willow to color and silver strobe mine

7.Red green blue dahlias with crisp crackles, with gold glittering and blue pearl mine

8.Multi-color palm with crackles, with brocade to red mine

9.Red blue dahlias with white strobes, with special red and white strobe mine

10.Brocade crown, with red white blue mine

11.Red green blue dahlias with timerain, with green to purple mine

12.Purple green blue dahlias with white lace, with red go getters and white strobe mine

Without Mines
13.Color to silver palm

14.Brocade crown with red lace

15.Purple green blue dahlias with gold lace

16.Green blue dahlias with red lace

17.Red, green and gold strobes with brocade to crackling willow

18.Gold palm to color with white strobes

19.Pigeon blood dahlias with white strobes

20.Gold willow to red with green strobes

21.Brocade crown with special red green and blue dahlias

22.Silver and gold combo willow

23.Gold palm to blue with gold sizzling chrysanthemums

24.Green palm with gold sizzling chrysanthemums

Dimensions 8.6 L × 6.3 W × 28.4 H


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Customer Comments

gravatar photo

Posted by   |   September 23rd 2021

Very nice shells, loved the mine effect