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Artillery Shells | RL299


5 out of 5 stars






Enter a brave new world of NEON 60-gram canister shells! Major impact from these top-shelf Brothers artillery shells.

Garnet stars
Yellow dahlia with silver glitter
Garnet and green glitter
Cyan and silver glitter
Green dahlia with gold glitter
Brocade and water-blue peony
Brocade with pinky peony
Green spider with silver glitter
Red spider with green glitter
Purple lemon and gold glitter
Sea-blue, green and red glitter
Timerain willows with sky-blue stars
Multicolored dahlia with silver glitter
Blue and purple stars with red glitter
Purple wave and green glitter
Silver chrysanthemum
Multicolored dahlia with crackling
Brocade and sea blue stars with red glitter
Brocade with silver glitter
Brocade and cyan stars with crackling
Multicolored dahlia and silver chrysanthemums
Red glittering willows with green glitter.

Dimensions 30.1 L × 8.9 W × 4.9 H


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Spirit of 76

Smoke n Mirrors 1.75" Video
RL151E   4/24  

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Grand Jury 5-Inch Shells Video
RL332   4/24  

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Light Entertainment - 5" Canister Video
RL340   4/24  

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Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   June 30th 2020

Maybe its just me, but these are louder than grand jury, and compete with the quest shells for being the loudest. Maelstrom is good and so is light entertainment, but i will take these and quest shells as the 2 best from brothers. Exception to changes in comp between batches.