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Fireworks Video of 10-Minute Fireworks Show


Packaging: 1/1
Weight: 470.20 lbs
Brand: Spirit of 76

Take all the guess work out of your fireworks with the 10-Minute Fireworks Show from Spirit of '76! Our show designer has laid out a grand display great for any occasion. Comes with everything you need - over 50 cakes, fuse, Fuse ConneX, and setup instructions. Impress your family and friends with our 10-Minute Fireworks Show.

How to connect fireworks with Fuse ConneX.

Watch the video below to see the show in action.

- UPDATED - now over 10 minutes long!
- Easy setup
- 1029 shots
- LOUD rip-roaring finale

MX113B All Star Action - 16 Shot (Assorted)
MX126 6-Pack - 25 Shot (Assorted)
MX130 Wild Over Metal - 19 Shot (Assorted)
GM100 Da Big Bomb Box - 36 Shot (Assorted)
GM383 76 Select Series - 12 Shot (Assorted)
GM106 Mt Rushmore - 9 Shot (Assorted)
GM282 Wrestling Championship (Assorted)
GM314 Money & Power - 12 Shot (Assorted)
GM102 One Bad Piggy - 30 Shot (Fan)
GM364A 36s Humming Snakes
GM422 12s Finale Box: Color Stars
GM483 12s Multicolor Peony
FE108A Safety Fuse - 25 sec/ft (x2)
FE110A Fuse ConneX - 10 pack (x3)
FE112A Safety Fuse - 1 sec/ft
Instruction Packet


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