Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who does Spirit of '76 of Easton, PA sell to?

Spirit of '76 is now open for pick-ups in Easton, PA. Non-Pennsylvania residents may place an order online, by fax, by email, or over the phone for pick up or delivery. Pennsylvania residents may order safe and sane fireworks, or order from our full product line with a shooter's permit, retail license, or ATF license.  Click here for more information.

2. Where is Spirit of '76 Wholesale Fireworks located?

Spirit of ‘76 headquarters is located in Columbia, Missouri (about 100 miles east of Kansas City and 100 miles west of St. Louis). Feel free to visit our showroom on I-70 at the Fayette Exit #121 (about 3 miles west of Columbia). Click here to see our location on MapQuest. We look forward to meeting you!

   Address: 6401 West Highway 40
Columbia, MO 65202
  Phone: 573-447-1776

For pickups, please head to our Columbia office to meet with your sales rep. They will provide you with the paperwork necessary to receive an order at our new warehouse.


1620 Mid-America Industrial Dr

Boonville, MO 65233

  Phone: 573-447-1776

We also have a warehouse in Easton, PA, located on the east side of the state about 70 miles west of New York City and 70 miles north of Philadelphia. Click here to get directions. Please call to schedule an appointment and ensure someone is available to assist you. If you are a Pennsylvania resident and want to purchase fireworks, click here for a permit.

   Address: 50 Hilton Street
Easton, PA 18042
  Phone: 610-438-5476

3. I'm planning to stay overnight. Are there lodging options close to the office?

There is a motel next door to Spirit of '76 in Columbia. Please let us know if you would like a room and we would be happy to make a reservation for you at a discounted rate.

    Midway Budget Inn
    6501 West Highway 40
    Columbia, MO 65202
    (573) 445-9565

There are several lodging options in Easton and the surrounding areas. The closest hotel is listed here for your convenience.

    Holiday Inn Express
    90 Kunkle Drive
    Easton, PA 18045
    (610) 923-9495

4. What is the minimum order amount required to purchase wholesale?

A $500.00 order minimum is required to purchase wholesale from our Silver price list and a $2,000 minimum is required to purchase wholesale from our Gold price list.

5. How can I get a copy of the catalog?

You have several options for requesting a catalog from Spirit of '76.

  1. A copy of the catalog can be printed online. Click here to be taken to the printable catalog link.
  2. Select the "Request A Catalog" tab from the web site to have a catalog mailed to you.
  3. Give us a call at 573-447-1776 to request to have a catalog sent to you.

6. How do I place an order?

We have three convenient ways for you to place your order:

  1. Online: This is an e-commerce enabled website that allows you to place an order online. Shipping and payment can both be arranged online.
  2. Telephone: Please feel free to give us a call at 573-447-1776 to place your order.  Customer service hours are Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm CST with extended days and hours during peak times. Our sales staff possesses excellent product knowledge on all of the items we distribute and will be happy to assist you.
  3. Paper Order Form: Print the Wholesale Fireworks Order Form and browse the website to select the items you want to purchase. Once you have completed the order form, you can place your order by faxing the form to 573-447-1786 or mailing it to 6401 West Highway 40, Columbia, MO 65202.


    7. I would like to start an order at and return at a later date and finish the order. Can I do this?

    Yes. You must create an account with Spirit of '76 in order to use this feature. Click here to create your account . After you log-in to your account, simply add the items to your order and log out after you are finished. You can then log-in at a later time and the items you added earlier will still be in your shopping cart. Important: Note that items will not be reserved until your order is completed and has been submitted to Spirit of '76.

    8. Can Spirit of '76 offer me tips on what to order and/or what their best sellers have been in the past?

    Please review our Recommendation page. You can also call 573-447-1776 to speak with a knowledgeable sales representative.

    9. How can I pay for the fireworks I order?

    • CASH - Payment with cash is welcome for in store pick-ups (Columbia, MO location only).
    • CHECK - Business or personal checks are welcome (please note that we may need to await notification from your bank regarding funds availability).
    • CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER - You may pay with a cashiers check or money order payable to Spirit of '76.
    • WIRE TRANSFER - You may also pay for the fireworks via wire transfer. Please call us when you have your order ready and we will coordinate wire transfer arrangements.
    • CREDIT CARD - You can pay using the following credit cards: Master Card, Visa, and Discover. Note: A 2% surcharge will be applied to your order.

    10. After I place my order, how long will it take to receive the fireworks?

    Orders are typically processed the next business day. Orders are shipped out four days a week, Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays). Orders will be shipped from Columbia, Missouri or Easton, PA.

    11. How much does shipping cost?

    If you have an order placed in your shopping cart, our website will automatically calculate shipping costs for you. Spirit of '76 gets rate quotes from different freight companies. Because of our high volume shipping, we are given significant discounts which we are able to pass on to our customers to provide the lowest rate possible for your shipment. Shipping costs are generally based on weight. Please click here to email the weight of your order and the zip code we are shipping to and one of our customer service representatives who will be happy to provide a rate quote for you. 

    12. Does Spirit of '76 ship all of its products to every state?
    Due to legal restrictions , many of our products cannot be shipped to the following states: Alaska, California, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.  Click here for more information on fireworks laws in your state.

    13. What is the Early Order program?

    The Early Order program allows our customers to purchase fireworks at very low prices. Essentially, the Early Order program is for firework buyers that would like to dramatically reduce their product cost.

    14. How can I import containers loads of fireworks through Spirit of '76?

    For large orders (1,000 cases or more) we are able to make drop-ship arrangements where the merchandise is delivered direct to your location from the factory. Since the drop-ship orders require a 40-foot cargo container to be completely full, the investment is usually $40,000.00-$55,000.00 per container. However, drop-ship orders receive the lowest prices because some warehousing and shipping expenses are avoided. Please click here to learn more about importing fireworks .