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Wholesale Fireworks Orders Resume

July 26, 2021


Wholesale Fireworks Orders Resume

We are happy to announce we are once again taking wholesale orders. Our current inventory is available online, along with items that will arrive shortly.  

Our hiatus is over, and we have over 70,000 cases of fireworks available for sale. After another record year, fireworks inventories around the country have been depleted. We accept fireworks containers year-round, and have received dozens of containers since the 4th of July. Even more fireworks are on boats, trucks, and trains heading to our warehouse.   

Stock up now while our inventory is plentiful. Supply chain issues continue to plague the industry, with most wholesalers forecasting product shortages for New Year’s season and Spring 2022. Costs have been rising at unprecedented rates, but we are locking in our current pricing through September 1st.   

To help you make the most of the situation, we are offering 20% off shipping through October 1st. This offer is good for all customers and all price levels. We will also open Special Order (our lowest wholesale prices) back up for orders over $10,000. To secure any order we do require a 50% deposit that must be paid within 14 calendar days of purchase (with the remainder due prior to shipping).    

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your account representative directly. As always, you may also call us at 573-447-1776 or email service@76fireworks.com.    



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