Quiet Fireworks

November 28, 2018


Fireworks you and your customers can enjoy without disturbing the neighborhood.

Nothing seems to last longer for the fireworks finatic than the silence of the off-season. You know it: the long stretch between summer and New Year’s when everyone is enjoying the peace and quiet. The neighborhood dogs sleep soundly at night, and hunters rely on the silence as not to scare off prey.

But what about the year-round lover of fireworks? Surely there are items other than sparklers and smoke bombs that your customers can shoot off while still being considerate to their neighbors?

Indeed, there are. Here is a short list of quiet products that can be found in a handful of popular categories. 

As always, please be sure you and your customers are familiar with the laws in your area before setting off any fireworks.

1. Daytime Fireworks

Daytime fireworks are surprisingly quiet and an underrated staple commonly carried by the fireworks retailer. Items that set off smoke or shoot out parachutes are ideal because their effects are designed to be more visually appealing than audibly.

One example is Sky Bacon’s Color Smoke Cannons , which come in an assortment of 5 colors. Better yet, the smoke is made of rice powder and is completely biodegradable.

Winda offers a couple of daytime roman candles that will hardly disturb the neighborhood: Giant Color Parachutes and Giant Color Smoke Tails .

2. Conics & Fountains

This category is great for the off season because it ensures the pyro party will remain close to the ground, as opposed to aerial items that can be seen and heard from miles away.

Quiet Storm is a fountain from Sky Bacon designed specifically for maintaining a peaceful audio level.

Cannon’s Tropical Fish Fountain is a pleasant sight with multicolored droplets that are easy on the ears.


Conics, or cone-shaped fountains, are also great options. The quieter ones include Sky Bacon’s Kilimanjaro and Mighty Max’s Mount St Helens .

3. Quiet Cakes

Multi-shot cakes, as we’re all familiar, are usually designed to be incredibly loud and attention-grabbing from miles away. However, two effects in particular that are suitable for multi shots are also optimal for keeping the peace and quiet: horsetail and flying fish.

Horsetail, also commonly referred to as “waterfall”, is a mesmerizing effect in its slow fall towards the ground. One burst and the horsetail descends gracefully in silence. Winda’s 350-gram Silent Power is all golden horsetail paired with brocade mines.

Go a little bigger and choose 76 Pro Line’s 20-shot Waterfall/Horsetail cake for 23 seconds dedicated just to horsetails.

Flying fish is another effect known for its visual appeal with little noise. Pinpricks of glowing light appear to swim away from the initial burst.

There are several great options for cakes dedicated to flying fish. Sky Bacon offers both Fish Frenzy and Color Fish , the latter of which is popular even during the major fireworks season and is nearly sold out.

Funky Fish from Cannon is another great 200-gram option for flying fish.

For a bigger show of flying fish, opt for Brother’s Blue Blitz 500-gram cake, which shoots this swarming effect in a z-pattern.


The “falling leaves” effect by 76 Pro Line is very similar to the flying fish effect, minus the swarming of the lights that make them appear to “swim”. Any cake in the 25-shot Falling Leaves Assortment by 76 Pro Line is worth shooting on a quiet night.

4. Novelties

It’s so easy for a customer to fill up a cart with just novelties that make little to no sound. Anything that doesn’t whistle or crackle is ideal for the off season. You’ll be the expert on the novelties you offer in your store, but some examples of common and quiet novelties include any kind of snakes ( Black Snakes and Snakes out of the Cave are Sky Bacon favorites) and flying, non-crackling items such as Artificial Satellite from Mighty Max.


One item that is almost too perfect for this season is Campfire Flames . Be sure to suggest this magical Sky Bacon product to anyone who enjoys color-changing flames and a good bonfire, which should be everyone who walks into your store.

5. Sky Lanterns

Finally, Sky Lanterns are excellent products to push during the quiet season. They are a fun activity for families to enjoy together, and your customer’s neighbors will appreciate both their silence and their beauty in the sky. An assortment of solid-color sky lanterns is a necessary staple for your store, but it’s also smart to carry festive options such as the Santa and New Years sky lanterns well before winter is upon us.



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