Sneak Peek: Sky Bacon 2019 Items

January 2, 2019


A quick look at the 50+ new products and designs coming to Sky Bacon’s line this Spring.

2019 is going to be a PIG year for Sky Bacon Fireworks. With over 39 fresh items and 21 redesigned labels, this sizzling line of consumer fireworks has more shelf appeal than ever before.



Sky Bacon cakes notoriously pack a punch at great price points. This year is no exception: these 200-, 350-, and 500-gram items will fly off shelves.


Who doesn’t love zippers? Bombageddon , Galaxia , and Mechapigzilla will mesmerize an audience with their impressive z-shaped performances.

The red lace effect, which was introduced in a few items last year, is very hot in 2019. Look for it in new cakes like Fade To Red and Hog Smash .

Venture through space and time with fresh Science Fiction-inspired labels! Cosmic Light Show and Extinction Event are sure to be hot sellers.


Enjoy the scorching silver swirls and zig-zagging mines of Summer Sizzler , a new 350-gram cake.


The 200-gram selection is also expanding with exciting items. Two assortments, Greatest Hits (including hits from Pigs N Roses, Boarvana, The Piggles, and Pink Swine) and Space Race make excellent options with great price points and beautiful performances.

Plus, the “Happy” duo turns into a trio with the introduction of MS142 Happy , a 49-shot version of the classic that sells by the thousands every year.


Expand your fountain selection with an even bigger Sky Bacon variety this year.


There are four new fountain assortments (where, in previous years, Sky Bacon only introduced one or two) including Zen Garden , a pack of four quiet fountains that are crackle-free to help you “find your inner peace”.


Star Factor is another noteworthy item. As the name suggests, this fountain is star-shaped with sparks and composition shooting out its upper three points. The star cutout in the center flashes green halfway through its performance, making Star Factor a show-stopping fountain.


The new 500-gram fountain, BBQ Blowout , is perfect for summer nights spent outside. Check out that intense crackling finale!


Fall in love again with these classic Sky Bacon products! Twenty-one items have received label design makeovers for greater shelf appeal. Don’t worry - they feature the same tried-and-true performances.

Mt Rushmore , a staple in the Sky Bacon family, puts on four fresh faces with fun cartoons of the US presidents and brighter patriotic colors.

Prepare to be bacon by force with Bacon Blaster ’s adorable and humorous new design! Plus, The Hog Father 's fresh label is all business, and Swinenado 's new look  will not go unnoticed on retailer shelves.

Keep an eye out for the other re-designs.

This consumer fireworks brand is bacon all the rules this year!  Remember to get your orders in early- these mouth-watering new items won’t stay on shelves for long.

Shop all  2019 new items  now, and check out our 2019 New Items catalog to see the full wave of 50+ fresh Sky Bacon products.



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