Fireworks for Fat Tuesday

February 7, 2018


Mardi Gras Fireworks 2018

We’re all familiar with the Mardi Gras celebrations that include watching the New Orleans parade, donning bright face painting or masquerade masks, and tossing LOTS of beaded necklaces into the air. This year, we’d like to see something much bigger and brighter in the air than cheap neon beads.


Let’s fill this Fat Tuesday with fireworks!


While it’s true many firework products are geared towards the 4th of July or New Year’s, we at Spirit of ‘76 have curated a list of products that work well for celebrating Mardi Gras.

Daytime Fireworks


Confetti Cannons

While this item isn’t technically a firework, it’s perfect for Mardi Gras celebrations before sundown. We recommend celebrating Mardi Gras with the multicolor confetti cannons from Sky Bacon, which come in either 80cm or 40cm cannons. Green 80cm confetti cannons are also available from Sky Bacon.

Smoke Machine

Another great daytime product from Sky Bacon, this 500-gram cake has 36 shots of brightly colored smoking tails. Each shot ends in crackling and a parachute that floats down to the ground, making Smoke Machine a great entertainment piece for kids and adults alike.



It’s not Mardi Gras unless it’s covered in purple, right? Purplicious from Brothers naturally fits this holiday for the sheer amount of purple effects that have been stuffed into this fountain.

Jumping Jelly Beans

The brilliant lava drops in Jumping Jelly Beans makes it a fun fountain for any occasion, but its array of neon colors fits well with the spirit of Mardi Gras.

Party Pyrometer

Mardi Gras isn’t just all about neon! Party Pyrometer showers its surroundings in gold sparks. Careful: use only in the case of “extreme fun”.

200 Gram Multi Shots

Air Defense

This long-lasting cake shoots 100 shots of crackling gold comets into the air. Air Defense has an absolutely stunning all-gold performance!

Bling Bling

“Back up, Terry!” You definitely don’t need to be as close as Terry was to enjoy this infamous cake. Green “bling” and purple stars with lots of whistling make Bling Bling a great firework for Mardi Gras.

Neon World

The name says it all. Tint the sky neon with brilliant neon stars followed by silver, gold, and green glitter.

350 Gram Multi Shots


It’s as if Hoopla was made specifically for Mardi Gras. This 12-shot features green glitter, silver tails with purple stars, and silver palms with giant crackling effects.


Another great cake to fill your Mardi Gras celebration with gold, Notorious is infamous for its golden brocade willows with colorful tips.


Bamboozle is 42 shots filled to the brim with stunning effects, including purple stars and silver or green glitter with quickened silver swirling dragon tails and quickened whistling tails to glitter. If the colors don’t do it, the swirling dragon tails are sure to impress an audience on Mardi Gras.


500 Gram Multi Shots


Judging from the name, you know you’re in for a colorful treat with Rainbow. The stars of this show are arguably the brocade crowns followed by purple “coconut” effects and green glitter.

Fat Lady

Fat Tuesday is nothing without a show from Fat Lady. Brocade crown horsetails and strobe willow with multicolor dahlia are just some of the tantalizing effects featured in this 30-shot cake.


Paint the sky on Mardi Gras with bursts of purple, green, blue and pink following by silver swirling mines by setting off Impressionist.

‘76 Pro Line Effects

You can personalize your Mardi Gras fireworks show by adding additional effects. ‘76 Pro Line has a vast selection of comets and mines, but those that are undeniably perfect for Mardi Gras-themed shows include the 50mm Tourbillion with Purple Go-Getters mine, the 40mm Purple Star Comet , and 40mm Gold Wave Comet , to name just a few.



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