Letter to our Customers

April 6, 2018


Dear Spirit of ‘76 Customer,

Spirit of ‘76 will implement a price increase at midnight on Monday, April 9th. This increase will affect only certain items and NOT the full product line. We project that about 1/3 of the items will be affected and most of these items are increasing by 1-7%. Orders placed prior to Tuesday, April 10th will NOT be affected by this increase.

This increase is due to the RMB strengthening against the US Dollar since the Summer of 2017. Spirit of ‘76 orders were placed in June and July of 2017 when the RMB was 6.8/USD and today the RMB is 6.3/USD. A 7.3% appreciation!

This is our first ever in-season increase during the spring season. We appreciate your understanding.


John Bechtold, Owner



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