Clever Ways to Use Fireworks for Halloween

October 1, 2018


October is here, and Halloween is creeping swiftly upon us. Here are some spooky firework items to showcase this month.

Muggy air is turning frigid. The sun is disappearing and the moon is glowing earlier each day. Aromas of pumpkin and nutmeg are oozing from every Starbucks and Yankee Candle. October is here, and it's time to prepare your store for Halloween.

While the last day of October is traditionally associated with sugary candy, classic horror movies and costumes, your local pyro enthusiast might be surprised to find products at their local fireworks shop that can add a spine-chilling edge to their Halloween festivities.

Here are some ghoulish items with witch to stock your retail shelves.

SL140 Sky Lantern Halloween / SL139 Sky Lantern Alien (Sky Bacon Fireworks)

Even zombies know this one is a no-brainer. The spectacle of a sinister face lit by fire floating through the dark night make these Sky Lanterns fitting for Halloween. If your customer isn’t one for the traditional Jack-O-Lantern look, the Alien lantern can be an eerie alternative.

SK109 Neon Smoke Balls (Sky Bacon Fireworks)

Not only are lighting these a fun before-dark activity for kids, they can also be used to enhance Halloween decorations. Place a smoke ball inside an outdoor carved pumpkin or a witch’s cauldron for a colorful and smokey effect.

SK119A Eternal Smoke (Cannon Fireworks)

Light one of these bad boys behind other Halloween decorations, such as fake gravestones, for a ghostly effect that lasts 3 minutes.

SN111 Snappers / SN115 Bacon Snaps (Sky Bacon Fireworks)

Tossing a handful of snappers on the ground is an easy way to give someone a jump-scare. For an even louder bang, go for Sky Bacon’s “Bacon Snaps”, also known as adult snaps due to their sensitivity to friction.

BR103 Whistling Moon Travelers With Report (Sky Bacon Fireworks)

These high-end bottle rockets from Sky Bacon go up with an eerie shriek and end in a bang that reverberates through a silent night.

FN312 Ghost Mansion (Cannon Fireworks)

Cannon’s Ghost Mansion is one of the most haunting fountains out there. The windows of the mansion glow green halfway through its performance. With its spooky packaging and low price, this item practically floats off retailer shelves.

FG124 Spartan Scream (Winda Fireworks)

Is someone being chased by a madman with a chainsaw, or is it just the beginning of this long-lasting fountain from Winda? Terrify the whole neighborhood with Spartan Scream’s blood-curdling screech that can be heard from blocks away.

GM514B Midnight (Brothers Pyrotechnics)

Crazy things can happen in the dead of night. This giant fan cake streaks the sky with multicolor stars, crackling comets and plenty of high-pitched whistling in a z-shaped pattern.

GM534 Jester’s Revenge (Winda Fireworks)

The sound of the z-shaped whistling snakes that burst out of this humongous cake resemble hundreds of bats shrieking as they fly out of a cave. That, plus Jester’s sinister grin creeping down retailer shelves, makes this cake a Halloween staple.

There are dozens of other pyro products that can fit the Halloween theme. If you’ve got a year-round retail store, it’s time to get creative. Gather up your most frightening items and display them front-and-center near your entrance beginning in early October. Be sure to add some scary decals around your location to complete the look and inspire your customers to use fireworks during the Halloween season.

We want to see your awesome in-store Halloween display! Share a photo or video tour with us on social (tag @76fireworks on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter ).

Happy haunting!



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