Gender Reveal Fireworks

May 21, 2019


Pink and Blue Fireworks

We have the pink fireworks and blue fireworks you need for your big reveal! Scroll down to the bottom for complete gender reveal fireworks shows. 


You’ve heard of gender reveal parties, and by now you’ve probably seen the popular trend of revealing your baby’s gender with a blue or pink smoke bomb. This makes for a super memorable daytime gender reveal and is awesome to watch.  

Sadly, as cool as smoke bombs are, they’re only visible in the daytime. Say you and your partner aren’t necessarily daytime people and you’d rather throw a gender reveal party after the sun goes down. Have no fear! Now there’s a bigger (and louder!) way for couples to throw a gender reveal party after dark.



It’s a no-brainer, really. Fireworks are already used around the world for celebrations, and learning the gender of your baby is a huge deal worth celebrating. Plus, a bright blue or pink firework can be seen from miles away, allowing for an even bigger celebration. You could even make it a gender reveal block party, with the big reveal scheduled just after dark!


The firework gender reveal trend is fairly new, but fireworks companies are already jumping on the bandwagon. One of the best brands for gender reveal fireworks is ’76 Pro Line. The great thing about the ’76 Pro Line series is the discreet packaging, which won’t give away the gender before the big reveal. ’76 Pro Line offers two types of 500 gram multi-shots available in pink or blue. The 36-shot Peony offers 25 seconds of rich color and symmetrical breaks, while the 12-shot Dahlia fires each of its gorgeous shots individually and lasts 40 seconds.




Ok, so maybe fireworks aren’t everyone’s thing (although we have to admit, they’re purely awesome in all contexts) and maybe you’d like a quieter gender reveal. Another option is to light up a bunch of pink or blue Sky Lanterns. These floating lanterns are super easy to set up and would make for a beautiful and peaceful gender reveal in daylight or at night. Sky Lanterns float in the sky for a good three minutes before returning to the ground, allowing for some gorgeous photographs.






Whichever way you want to reveal your baby’s gender, be sure you’re buying from the best. Spirit of ’76 is the expert fireworks retailer and only carry the best products. You can shop gender reveal fireworks from their ’76 Pro Line or pick up some of their biodegradable blue or pink Sky Lanterns. Either way, your gender reveal celebration is sure to be memorable and just plain awesome.

Looking to buy local? Check out our Sky Bacon Dealer Directory to find a locally-owned fireworks store near you.


NEW FOR 2019 - Complete Gender Reveal Fireworks Shows


We now offer complete packages for celebrating your big news. These shows come with everything you need: fireworks, fuse, connectors, and instructions for putting together an amazing specticle for your friends and family. These facebook-worthy shows will make memories to last a lifetime. 



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