$1000 Contest Winners

August 1, 2017


76 Summer Fireworks Contest

This year's contest was our best yet. We love watching our customers enjoying their fireworks, seeing their fireworks stash, setup, teardown, and all the rest. Each year our contestants get more creative and we appreciate the effort you put in. 

Thank you to all of our customers who submitted their entries! 

And now for the winners...

3rd Place (14 winners)

Andy Newton
Andy's Setup Photo

Bradley Baker
Bradley's Photo

Brendan Jefferies
Brendan's Photo

Brian Butler

Devin Lounder
Devin's Photo

Eric Eichholz
Eric's Photo

Erik Albright
Erik's Photo

Frank Mascola
Franks's Photo

Garrett Webb
Garrett's Photo

Jordan Nguyen
Jordan's Photo

Kyland Steward
Kyland's Video

Laith Sando

Lance Wilson
Lance's Video

Steven Thompson
Steven's Video

2nd Place (2 winners)

Ed Grillo

Aaron Farrey

1st Place (1 winner)

Bo Domescik


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