Fireworks Production Delays

March 5, 2018


Fireworks Production Delayed 2 Weeks

China’s New Years Shutdown Extended by 2 Weeks; Fireworks Shipments Delayed

Although the Chinese New Year of 2018 began on February 16 and ended on March 2, resumption of production for some Chinese products, including fireworks, cannot resume until March 20. This unexpected postponement of production is due to two political conferences held for at least two weeks, which began on March 3. As a result, shipments of fireworks scheduled to arrive in the USA in late March or early April will be delayed by about two weeks.

In an email to Spirit of ‘76 owner John Bechtold, Rebecca Song from Panda Fireworks explained that the shutdown is due to the National People’s Congress and Chinese Political Consultative Conference, which are held in Beijing from March 3 to March 20.

“Though these meetings are annual, before 2018 the shutdown only applied to the Jiangxi Province while our main production area Hunan Province had been able to produce as normal. This is the first year that Hunan followed suit and shutdown all chemical powder involved production lines as well,” Song wrote.

As the fuse and lift powder factories won’t be able to start until March 20 either, Song expects that normal fireworks production won’t be able to resume until March 23 or 24.



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