6 Ways To Get Your Fireworks Fix From Home

March 24, 2020


These are strange times for everyone, but they can be especially tough for a pyro at heart. Staying home this Spring might mean missing opportunities to attend fireworks demos and events, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fireworks from the comfort of your home! 

Spirit of ’76 Fireworks is happy to announce that we are hosting a FREE online watch party on Friday, April 3rd so that you can attend from anywhere in the world! 

Until then, Spirit of 76 Fireworks is here to help you get your fireworks fix while stuck at home with these 6 family-friendly activities for fireworks enthusiasts.

Enjoy a Night of Fireworks Crafts with the Family

Take advantage of this perfect time for family activities and make some fun crafts in the process. Artsy Craftsy Mom has put together this list of 15 kid-friendly fireworks craft projects made from everyday materials found at home. Projects include painting, sculpting, and even fireworks in a jar! Follow along with the projects or use these as an inspiration to make your own fireworks crafts. Check it out here on Artsy Craftsy Mom .

Review Your Fireworks Safety Skills

Now is a great time to review basic fireworks safety and make sure you are ready for fireworks fun. Take a moment to talk fireworks safety with your family, especially young ones, so that everyone can enjoy themselves when it is time to light up. For a great review of fireworks safety, check out this Fireworks Safety 101 kit put together by Sky Bacon Fireworks .

Work on your Spirit of 76 Fireworks Shopping List

We have plenty of 2020 fireworks in stock! While our physical office is closed, our team is also hard at work ready to take your orders and ship your products. Take this time to visit https://www.76fireworks.com/ and work on your shopping list. To help you decide, check out our product playlists on the Spirit of ’76 Fireworks Youtube Channel .

Watch Some Fireworks shows

Our shows are online and ready for you to watch anytime! From classics like PGI’s ’76 Style Salute to America , to Winterblast’s Valentines Day Show, we have plenty of fireworks entertainment at the ready. Feel free to use them as inspiration or just kick back and enjoy. Find your favorite Spirit of ’76 Fireworks shows here .

Get Inspiration for Show Design & Choreography

If you enjoy the shows ‘76 Fireworks puts on and want to shoot shows yourself, you’ll love the display resources offered as well. Enthusiasts and display operators alike can find show resources for choreography and setup, including show summaries, cue sheets, set-up and hardware pictures, product libraries for Finale 2D and 3D, and much more on the ‘76 Pro Line website. Check out the display resources at 76proline.com .

Get Your Behind the Scenes Fireworks Fix with ‘76 TV

We have been working hard making original fireworks content for your viewing pleasure. ’76 TV includes behind the scenes footage of our shows, interviews with our staff and customers, and awesome tips and tricks to make your show even better! Take your whole family for a virtual trip to Spirit of ’76 with ’76 TV. Check out ‘76 TV here .

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our free 76 Demo Watch Party on April 3 rd ! We will see you there.



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