Easter for the Fireworks-Loving Family

March 26, 2018


Family Fireworks For Easter

As Easter Sunday quickly approaches, those who can’t go a holiday without fireworks will be searching for products with lots of pastel color and family appeal. Let this list be your guide in recommending the best products for firework-loving families and pyro enthusiasts alike to get the most out of Easter.

Why not start the Easter fireworks in the daytime? Smoke Dragon from Winda shoots off vibrant trails of smoke in assorted colors.


Novelty fireworks are a great way to entertain the kids before the main event. Opt for a whistling novelty this year with Hen Laying Eggs from Sky Bacon.


As daylight turns to dusk, it’s time to break out the fountains. These fountains are mesmerizing, especially to children, so always remind parents to keep their kids at least 30 feet away from any products being lit.

Winda’s Neon Jelly Beans is a pretty show of brilliant candy-colored popcorn flowers and silver crackle.


Sky Bacon’s Crayon Meltdown also makes for an awesome Easter fountain. An array of bright pastels spring out in a gorgeous lava droplet effect.


Once the sky is dark, the real fun can begin. These cakes are sure to entertain everyone in the family this Easter. Be sure to recommend that spectators keep a safe distance away (about 150 feet) from any fireworks being lit.

Named properly for Easter, Egg Bomb from Firehawk features egg-shaped shells that crack open in beautiful mine bursts and sizzling breaks. [link video: https://www.76fireworks.com/RL272 ]


Golden Peacock is a legendary 200-gram from Brothers that fires pastel-green tails up to green crackling bouquets.


Pair Golden Peacock with Sky Bacon's Miami Nights to get a fun combination of green, blue and pink pastel bursts.


Dazzling strobe pistils lead to giant peonies of peach, green, and blue in Winda’s War Stopper. The brilliant colors are sure to pull focus.


Finally, as the kiddos enjoy their chocolate bunnies and assorted Easter candies, the fireworks enthusiasts in the family can unwrap their treat: Pyro Candy from Winda brings the show to a close with 9 shots of giant brocade.



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