Popular Fireworks for New Year's Season

December 2, 2019


These fireworks products fly off the shelves every year during the New Year's selling season.  

Artillery Shells

Premium Festival Balls
Colorful artilery shells with report. A low-cost retail staple.

Absolute Power w/ Giant Silver Tail
Premium artillery shells that go up with a thick silver tracer to ring in the new year.

Smoke N Mirrors
Popular 1.75" artillery shells from Brothers with multiple packing options available.


Gold Standard
New for 2019 and already a New Year's staple, this  quiet fountain shoots all gold effects. 

Dazzling Diamonds
Lots of silver effects and crackling chrysanthemums. A great value from Sky Bacon.

Jumboshell Fountain
The ultimate 500-gram fountain from Brothers. Lasts 2 minutes!

Multishot Cakes

Killer Cake
Awesome breaks of brocade, gold willow, and color in a well-priced Winda cake.

Silver Screen
Another popular pick from Brothers. Packed with silver effects and crackling stars.

Old Ironsides
Silver tails and metallic colored breaks make this 350-gram a fantastic end-of-year cake.

12-shot Double Timerain Crackle 
A two-stage crackle cake that draws attention from any crowd (shown in banner image).

Color-glittering willow fall slowly to the ground. A great value from Sky Bacon.

Snow Trax
Perfect for winter, this Realtree favorite shoots giant, beautiful white strobe breaks high in the air.

Other Essentials for New Year's

Campfire Flames
A packet or two will transform a typical bonfire into gorgeous rainbow flames.  A smart item to stock at your register! 

Ice Fountains
Perfect for winter weddings,  ice fountains easily add a punch to any celebration. 

Rosy Posy Sparklers
For those who like the finer things, treat them to the dazzling effects in these premium bamboo sparklers.

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