Best Fireworks to Ring in 2020

December 4, 2019


Celebrate the start of a new decade in style. These are our picks for the best fireworks to ring in 2020.


Now's the time to stock up on your New Year's selection! Despite new tariffs, our current prices are locked in through December 31. Learn more.

Best Fireworks to Ring in 2020


Sparklers are so popular for New Year’s! In addition to grabbing plenty of the standard styles, be on the look-out for these powerful sparkler products.

Ice Fountains
Intense yet elegant, ice fountains look crazy awesome attached to champagne bottles and lit up on the stroke of midnight. Be sure to have bottle clips handy. Sky Bacon’s 35-second ice fountains are a sure bet - available in
wholesale packed 25/40 or by the piece .

Crowning Glory
Brothers gives new life to the fountain-style sparkler with this item. Five sparklers of a different colored flame each shoot gold and titanium flowers for close to a minute. Packed 48/5.


Start your celebration low to the ground. Fountains offer a more isolated and longer-lasting performance than most aerial products.

Lucky Star
Your wildest New Year’s wishes can come true when you wish upon Lucky Star. A minute-long performance of silver flowers, red/blue/green pearls, silver chrysanthemum, flying fish, and crackling. Packed 24/1.

Fortune Soldier
A top-seller from Winda! This hefty 500-gram fountain lasts over two and a half minutes and puts on a show of whistles, crackle, pine needles, chrysanthemums, and multicolor stars. Packed 9/1.


On to the aerials! Light up the night with 200g multi shot cakes.

Gold Rush
Bring on the gold! Winda’s Gold Rush includes gold strobe with each dahlia break of red, blue, or lemon. Ends in a gorgeous finale of golden strobing willows. Packed 12/1.

Evil Enemy
You may be familiar with Bling Bling, one of the most popular fireworks in America, but did you know it has a complementary cake? Evil Enemy boasts a well-rounded display that includes silver spinners, green and red palms, and white glitter. Packed 12/1.

Mighty Cobra
A fantastic value from Sky Bacon, Mighty Cobra strikes the sky with a barrage of loud crackling comets. This awesome single-effect cake pairs with just about anything or dazzles on its own. Packed 24/1.

25-shot Falling Leaves
Take a moment from the chaos to admire the uniquely soft and vibrant effect of falling leaves. Twenty mesmerizing seconds of either red, blue, or yellow falling leaves make this a wintertime gem from ‘76 Pro Line. Packed 24/1. Also available in dedicated color cases.


Larger than 200 grams but not quite the scale of 500g heavyweight multi-shots, 350 gram cakes offer a nice middle ground with impressive effects.

We Love It Loud
Don’t you, too? This powerful Firehawk cake has 15 shots of colorful glitter breaks and a crackling finale. It’s both a crowd and wallet pleaser. Packed 6/1.

Silent Power
A great juxtaposition to loud effects! Silent Power from Winda shoots gorgeous horsetail breaks up from brocade mines. An all-gold and quiet cake ideal for New Year’s. Packed 8/1.


Let a show-in-a-box ring in the new year for you. Be seen and heard with 500g multi-shot cakes.

Blond Joke
An outstanding cake with classic effects. Blond Joke’s array of gold effects, combined with crackling tails, color stars, and a huge finale, make it one of our all-time best sellers. Packed 4/1.

Nuclear Fallout
Vivid color shots fan into the sky and decay into crimson and gold fallout. A dangerously popular label from Sky Bacon. Packed 4/1.

Amped Up
A 500g assortment from Winda with unique shelf appeal. Is your New Year’s resolution to be a Star, Hero, Champ, or Boss? Light these off to seal in your fate. Packed 1/4.

Monster Bucks
One of the very first items introduced to the Realtree Fireworks line. You won’t believe the spread on these giant racks! Effects include silver glittering tails and tines of brocade crown with color glitter and blue stars. The 20-point crackling willow finale dominates on New Year’s night. Packed 6/1.

Nishiki Kamuro
This pick needs little explanation. Year after year, season after season, Nishiki Kamuro is one of the most popular fireworks effects on New Year’s. Packed 4/1.


If you aren’t fooling around with the sound and spread of your fireworks, look for the biggest boom for your buck with artillery shells. 

Gold foil-wrapped canister shells in a holographic box capture eyes on the shelf. In the sky, these maximum-loaded shells wake the neighborhood. A popular choice from Brothers. Packed 4/24.

Game of Booms
2020 is coming. Alert the town with these twelve 1.5-inch ball shells. Get maximum impact for your budget with this option from Sky Bacon. Packed 12/12.

Whacky Tobacky
A signature nine-shot rack from Brothers. Huge, loud golden willows glitter with pink pistil. A favorite pick for New Year’s. Packed 2/1.


Did you know it’s actually very easy to set up your own fireworks display? Impress your friends and family with your fireworks expertise this year. We’ve made it simple with 5-minute and 10-minute show packages, choreographed by ‘76 sales rep Tim Thurber.

Tim’s 5-Minute Show
A perfect package for lighting up a short show at your New Year’s party this year. This display package features popular firework selections from Brothers, Winda, and Sky Bacon and includes instructions and all the materials you need to set up.

Tim’s 10-Minute Show
Go big or go home! Ring in 2020 the right way with this show package, which actually lasts slightly longer than 10 minutes. Features a hefty selection of popular items from Brothers, Winda, ‘76 Pro Line, and Sky Bacon and includes all the materials and instructions needed to set up.



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