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icon_pro_use 76 Pro Line

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These single shot shells come pre-loaded in the tube & are intended to be used with purpose built racks, individually secured, or dropped in 2.5" - 3" fireworks mortars.

T-Lock ports located in the base eliminate exposed fuses - greatly reducing the chance of cross fire and allowing for increased precision thru direct ignition of the lifting charge.


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Spirit of 76

7ft Firewire Initiator w/ Twist Lock Shroud (Box of 40) Video
FS143   40/1  

rateraterateraterate (6)

50+ in stock

Timerain Crackle (60mm) - Single Shot Video
icon_pro_use TB413   18/1   tlock

Can ship after 7/17/19

0 in stock
50+ in transit

Brocade Crown (60mm) - Single Shot Video
icon_pro_use TB412   18/1   tlock

Can ship after 7/17/19

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29 in transit

Multicolor Dahlia (60mm) - Single Shot Video
icon_pro_use TB411   18/1   tlock

12 in stock

Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   January 17th 2019

Shot these side by side with the Mother of all Bombs couldn't tell the difference. Both very nice!