Saturn Missiles | SM124


3 out of 5 stars






Our top selling saturn missile battery. Whistling missiles with loud report build to whistles with crackling effect.

Dimensions 26.0 L × 2.4 W × 3.1 H


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Spirit of 76

Jumbo Saturn Missiles Video
SM104   12/1  

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20 in stock
50+ on order

Flag Missile Battery - 200 Shot Video
SM128   15/1  

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50+ in stock

Saturn Missile Battery (Green Glitter) - 200 Shot Video
SM145   12/1  

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50+ in stock

Bullet Storm - 248 Shot Video
SM155   12/1  

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50+ in stock

Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   January 25th 2012

Guarantee these will be on the list every year.endless screaming explosions.we put 10 of these with 10 96shot roman candles to start off the night show,good day or night,but best just as sun is setting. EXCELLENT. MUST HAVE
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Posted by   |   February 23rd 2017

Starts off with about 10 seconds of rapid action, then slows to a snail's pace until the one minute mark. Finishes strong, but I prefer rapid fire from start to finish.