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icon_pro_use 76 Pro Line

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FanSweeps include 3 t-lock ports built into the base plugs for reduced chance of cross ignition and multiple firing options.

Can be Fired:
L to R
R to L
Center Out
Outside in

Each FanSweep is wrapped in a glossy black paper which is semi-waterproof and holds up well to small amounts of light rain. Each slice comes in its own plastic bag which can be used for 100% water-proofing in extreme conditions. Just match the device and seal it up with clear plastic packing tape.

Connecting fuse is covered with thick foil tape. Packing these in tightly together is no problem.

Use FS143 Firewire Initiator for a tool / tape free product prep.


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Spirit of 76

13s FanSweep Crossette Assortment (25mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE200   1/6   tlock

50+ in stock

13s FanSweep Blue Crossette (25mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE202   6/1   tlock

23 in stock
20 on order

13s FanSweep Green Crossette (25mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE203   6/1   tlock

50+ in stock

13s FanSweep Yellow Crossette (25mm) Video
icon_pro_use SE204   6/1   tlock

20 in stock

Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   July 17th 2015

Kick ass effect. The size is way bigger than it appears in the video. I had 4 of these go off paired a second apart in my show. You can see them at the 8:30 mark.