Artillery Shells | RL240C

Sky Bacon

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Our popular 60-gram canister Hellcat Cans are now available with a shorter tube and minimal packaging for a lower price-per-shell. This is our best value for the incredibly hard-hitting Hellcat Cans.

New packaging design available Spring 2020!

1) Red Stars w/ Silver Glitter
2) Red, Blue to Silver Crown
3) Gold Willow w/ Silver Glitter
4) Blue & Purple Stars w/ Green Glitter
5) Blue Stars w/ Red & White Strobe
6) Silver Chrysanthemum

Dimensions 4.9 L × 5.3 W × 12.0 H


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Spirit of 76

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Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   May 4th 2019

Hands down the best value! The fiberglass tube is only one inch shorter and mounted on a wood base. 72 shells and you get 12 tubes. Who needs fancy packaging? This absolutely is the way to go for great value! Will buy bulk case from now on, for sure, and the shells are fabulous too.
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Posted by   |   May 29th 2019

I need to add, the fuses are very easy to unfold, more than enough fuse for standard size mortars, these babies pack a punch, I set off car alarms next door, the burst radius is impressive too.