Multi Shots 350 Grams | MX114


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4 premium assorted cakes make this set a must have. REGAL - whistling tails to palms, alternating glitter and whistles. Duration: 35 secs. IMPERIAL - glittering tails with bouquets, whistling tails, blue stars and crackling. Duration: 40 secs. SOVEREIGN - tails to red, green, and blue stars with crackling, and crackling tail to stars. Duration: 40 secs. MAJESTIC - red, green and silver glittering tails, with crackling and green glittering willows. Duration: 20 secs. 4 pieces per pack, 2 packs per case.

Dimensions 6.7 L × 6.7 W × 6.9 H


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Spirit of 76

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Posted by   |   April 11th 2012

I shot all 4 and they were really nice,unique effects,high shooters,cool sounds whistles.