Multi Shots 200 Grams | MS362


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One of Windas best sellers, Bump Bear features gold, red, silver, and green palms with silver glittering tails.

Dimensions 4.0 L × 4.0 W × 5.0 H


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Spirit of 76

Wild West Video
MS194   12/1  

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Funky Fish Video
MS231   24/1  

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Super Stallion Video
MS292   24/1  

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Mercurial Bee Video
MS304   24/1  

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Broken Heart Video
MS305   24/1  

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Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   May 20th 2013

You get a lot of value with this one. I daisy chained about 30 of these together with quick fuse and it really worked great to fill the lower sky with a lot of medium breaks. Had some artillery shells going off above at the same time. By itself it is no big deal but put them together works especially for the price.
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Posted by   |   August 19th 2014

Great timing on the cake, I used a few of them in a false finale and speed was right on