Multi Shots 200 Grams | MS202


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A staff favorite, Bling Bling is one of the best multi-shot cakes in America. This cake tricks out the sky with green bling with purple stars, then red, blue and white bling to red and green bouquets with time-delay bling and crackling bling. Duration: 38 secs.

Dimensions 5.6 L × 5.2 W × 4.8 H


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Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   June 2nd 2014

Bling bling is the BEST firework for the money and is a must buy every year! Best if shot 2 at a time.
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Posted by   |   June 18th 2015

Big Breaks!
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Posted by   |   June 15th 2015

Great pace! Nice effects
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Posted by   |   April 11th 2016

get a few cases every year. Great cake for the $
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Posted by   |   June 11th 2017

I get bling bling every year I love that one
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Posted by   |   January 29th 2018

It's no Angry Cowboy but it's good and been around a long time.