Spirit of 76 Container Program

Importing fireworks containers with Spirit of '76 is the best way to cut costs for your fireworks business. This year, let us deliver the fireworks straight from China to you. Buying a container of fireworks is not for everyone, but if you are ready to take your business to the next level, request pricing online, or call us today at (573) 447-1776 to receive our import price lists. If you want less than a full container, or a mix of brands, our Special Order Program may be right for you.

Ask us how to get a discount on your container purchase. Call 573-447-1776 or email us at service@76fireworks.com.

Benefits to ordering a container from Spirit of '76 Fireworks
  • Substantial product savings resulting in higher profit.
  • Ability to mix manufacturers.
  • The fireworks are imported directly from China and delivered to you.
  • Container customers receive our lowest wholesale pricing.
  • Spirit of '76 handles all the import paperwork, safety tests and licensing.

Request for Container Pricing


Container Brands & Minimums

  1. We are currently offering containers from the following manufacturers:
    Import Brothers Fireworks


    Import Cannon FIreworks


    Import Firw Hawk Fireworks

    Fire Hawk

    Import Shogun Fireworks


    Import Winda Fireworks


    Import Sky Bacon Fireworks

    Sky Bacon

    Import '76 Pro Line Fireworks

    '76 Pro Line

  2. Each manufacturer has a minimum order requirement per item, this minimum ranges from 10-30 cases. Please request our Container Purchase summary to get info on the different minimums. If you want less than the required minimum we can talk about our other purchasing programs to find out what will be the best fit.
  3. Plan on ordering less than 50 separate items per container. For additional items you may order another container, or purchase from our Special Order price list.
  4. When ordering a container you will order to fill the container completely, the space inside a container is referred to as CBMs (cubic meters), our order forms will calculate the CBM total. There are 2 sizes of containers:
    • Standard - 58 CBMs (700-900 cases)
    • High Cube - 67 CBMs (800-1000 cases)
    We ask our customers to order 3 more CBMs than fit on a container to build in some backup items on the order. For example, if ordering a standard container you will want to have a total of 61 CBMs.


Estimating Container Order Cost

The following is a rough estimate based on previous container orders. Please contact us to get specific quotes for your container.

Budgeting for a Container
Product (700-1000) cases $36,000 – $44,000
Ocean freight $7,500 - $10,000
Marine Insurance $200 - $300
Document fees $200
AFSL testing $0.55 per case
Standard 1.4G 6%
Total Cost $44,000-55,000

When ordering a container you will be ordering by CBMs (Cubic Meters) to fill the container's volume. For easy substitution please order at least an extra 5 CBMs per container. For example, if you were ordering a 40' standard container you would place an order for at least 63 CBMs instead of 58 CBMs. The supplier will ship the first 58 CBMs that are available.

Consolidated Containers (Mixed)

We are now offering consolidating containers. We can now mix up to 3 different suppliers in a container and ship from China directly to you.


  • $20 per CBM for 2 suppliers in one container
  • $40 per CBM for 3 suppliers in one container
  • There is NO CHARGE to mix Sky Bacon & ’76 Pro Line on a container

Suppliers/Brands Available For Consolidating (Cases minimums in parenthesis)

  • Cannon (30)
  • Hopkee (15)
  • Shogun (10)
  • Winda (10)
  • Sky Bacon (30)
  • '76 Pro Line (30)

To order fill out each suppliers drop ship price list like as if you were ordering a container. Except you will have to calculate each supplier totals to meet the container size you want 58 or 67 CBMs. Brothers is not available for consolidated containers. Consolidated Containers ARE eligible for discounts. Call us at 573-447-1776 for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does buying a container save me money?
A: Having the fireworks shipped directly to you from China cuts transportation, warehousing costs, import licensing fees and labor costs.

Q: Do I need a special license to order a container?
A: No! Spirit of '76 acts as the importer, so our importing license cover your shipment. The only licenses you are responsible for are those that your state or local government requires for your fireworks business.

Q: What if I want additional products, or a few items from other suppliers?
A: Spirit of '76 offers all container customers Special Order pricing for items purchased outside of the container order.

Q: Can I order products that Spirit of '76 doesn't carry?
A: Absolutely! When you receive your catalog and price list for each manufacturer, you will notice that every item they offer is available for you to order.

Q: When should I order a container?
A: The earlier you order a container, the better fulfillment rate you will have. Spirit of '76 recommends ordering your container for the July 4th, 2020 season by October 31th, 2019. However, we will gladly accept container orders all year long.

Q: When will my container arrive?
A: Fireworks generally takes 6 months to produce. We try to adhere to your preferred ship date as closely as possible.

Request for Container Pricing