Multi Shots 500 Grams | GM156

Sky Bacon

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Get a LOT of variety at a great price with the Social Destruction set from Sky Bacon! Contains 2 each of Faceboom, Instabang, and Exploji.

Faceboom - 30 Shot: Like the V-shaped blue, red, and lemon tails with breaks of blue and red, lemon and orange, purple and blue dahlias with long-lasting strobes. Share the finale of brocade crown with color dahlia.

Instabang - 25 Shot: Color tails lead to brocade selfies with color tips and strobing pistil.

Exploji (fan shape) - 25 Shot: Sweeping shots of crackle mine lead to crackle breaks with red, green, and white strobes.


facebook facebook Pintrest facebook

Spirit of 76

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