Multi Shots 500 Grams | GM116

Sky Bacon

4.8 out of 5 stars






Your neighbors cannot compete with the bright comets and colorful, loud breaks from Backyard King. A spectacular display that caps off a night of fireworks fun.


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Spirit of 76

Diabolical Video
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Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   January 21st 2016

Great color
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Posted by   |   August 31st 2017

Great color on comets. Paired with whacky tobacky. Looked great.
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Posted by   |   February 27th 2018

i would put this in the finale ass kicking cake the comets the colors the breaks are banging hard no whistles or crackle bs its a 2 staged effect comets then colors unusual cake way cool though
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Posted by   |   May 29th 2018

This was my show starter last year got a lot of people excited...Did all 4 about 25 feet apart at one time. Would also be good for a finale
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Posted by   |   October 8th 2019

Very nice cake I shot it with hog smash and I liked the two of them together.