Firework Ignition Types


Items equipped with e-port (electronic firing ports) contain a plastic firing port which will accept standard e-match or Firewire Initiators. The e-port is typically located on the tube of the last shot of nearly all 76 Pro Line cakes. The location is marked with either a 76 Pro Line logo or e-port logo. Firing 76 Pro Line cakes in reverse does not affect performance because they are typically solid effects and contain consistent fusing with no finale row.


Items equipped with t-lock (twist lock ports) contain a plastic firing port which has a twist lock feature that mates with FS143 Firewire Initiator w/ t-lock Shroud. The FS143 Twist Lock Shroud allows operators to quickly prep product without any special tools or tape. These ports will also work with standard e-match or firewire.

Note: Unless marked for Professional Use Only, all 76 Pro Line items are equipped with a standard visco fuse for hand lighting or electronic ignition with Talon / Safety Clip Ignitors. Professional Use Only items do not typically contain any external fuse. These items are designed to be fired electronically by a professional using e-match or Firewire Initiators only.