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These Firewire Initiators are a great alternative to igniters (e-match). Unlike traditional igniters, these Firewire Initiators are NOT regulated by the ATF. Each box contains 80 each 1 meter long Twist Lock Firewire Initiators.

The Twist Lock shroud is a quick, easy, and safe way to match compatible products without the need for tape or tools.

Compatible with these 76 Pro Line items:
Comets (Single Shot CM200+)
Mines (Single Shot MN200+)
FanSlices (All)
FanSweeps (All)
SuperSweeps (All)
Lollipops (All)
Gerbs (SE107, SE108, SE113)
Color Gerbs (SE127A-SE130A)

Small parcel shipments must ship USPS
(Product not eligible for other promotions or discounts)


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