Firecrackers | FR139

Sky Bacon

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Want some more BANG for your buck? Try Serious Cracker this year. A technological revolution, each unit is made up of tightly packed firecrackers quick-fused for an instantaneous pyro explosion!

New packaging will be available in Spring 2019 (original packaging available while supplies last).

Dimensions 9.9 L × 6.0 W × 1.8 H


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Spirit of 76

Thunderbomb Firecrackers 200s Video
FR133   8/10/200  

50+ in stock

Thunderbomb Firecrackers 1000s Video
FR134   16/1000  

35 in stock
50+ on order

M 200 Salute (120/12) Video
FR137   120/12  

48 in stock

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