Firecrackers | FR131

Sky Bacon

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Top quality firecrackers with that loud "BANG" that brings a smile to the pyro in each of us. Each stick is filled with the maximum composition allowed by law. Each pack contains 50 firecrackers fused together.

Dimensions 6.1 L × 5.4 W × 1.9 H


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Spirit of 76

Thunderbomb Firecrackers 16s Video
FR130   24/40/16  

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Thunderbomb Firecrackers 100s Video
FR132   8/20/100  

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Thunderbomb Firecrackers 200s Video
FR133   8/10/200  

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Thunderbomb Firecrackers 1000s Video
FR134   16/1000  

41 in stock

Thunderbomb Firecrackers 4000s Video
FR135   4/4000  

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50+ on order

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