Fireworks Discounts


2018 Container Program - New Year's Season

Spirit of '76 makes it easy to import the fireworks you want at the absolute lowest prices. If you are looking to maximize profits for your fireworks business, call us today at 573-447-1776 to discuss our container program. 

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We work hard to offer you the lowest prices. If you create an account on our website, you will be able to view our Silver price list (min $500). If you plan to spend $2000 or more, fill out a Gold pricing request here .

Licensed fireworks retailers can also view pricing online. Please call us at 573-447-1776 or email us at to have your account set up accordingly.

If you are unsure what price level your account is currently set to, please login and select "Your Account" next to the shopping cart. Any choice they will lead to a new screen with your price list on the right.