Professional Use Only | CM202A

icon_pro_use 76 Pro Line

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Single shot comets are excellent for precise sequences or punctuating specific points in your show.

This Pro Use Only version has no external visco fuse. It is equipped with a twist lock (t-lock) port built into the base – reducing chance for cross-fire. Additionally, we have eliminated the cardboard base for a frustration free setup.

Use the t-lock port for instantaneous ignition - Compatible with standard e-match or Firewire Initiators.

For fast and easy (tool / tape free) product prep - use FS143 Firewire Initiator w/ Twist Lock Shroud.

This device will drop in 2" or larger mortars


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Spirit of 76

7ft Firewire Initiator w/ Twist Lock Shroud (Box of 40) Video
FS143   40/1  

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50+ in stock

Comet Assortment (40mm) Video
icon_pro_use CM200A   4/6   tlock

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50+ in stock

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Posted by   |   July 18th 2018

All the comets I've tried are excellent.