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Spirit of 76

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This package has all the firepower you need to leave your neighborhood in awe. Includes 28 multi-shot cakes, 19 500-gram cakes, 12 350-gram cakes, 2 9-shot racks, and 112 artillery shells.
MS365 Band of Brothers (Assorted)
GM670 Amped Up - 14 Shot (Assorted)
MS310 Feats of Strength (Assorted)
MX103 Three Kings - 7 Shot (Assorted)
GM620 Sweet 16s - 16 Shot (Assorted)
RL117 Brothers Artillery Shell - 1.75" Ball Shell
GM133 Major Combat - 119 Shot
MX126 The 6-Pack Assorted - 25 Shot (Assorted)
GM456 Pyro Heaven Shot - 30 Shot
GM624 The Most Wanted - 32 Shot
RL225A Supernova Cans - 1.75" Canister Shells
TB102 Mushroom Cloud - 9 Shot

*Note: Actual contents listed above. Items in picture may vary.


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Spirit of 76

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